Sorry, There Is No Guarantee!

Gym Floor Tape

We are regularly approached by new customers wondering if we can guarantee that Shurtape 724 won’t damage their gym floors.

Unfortunately, our answer is always the same. Not only are there no tapes that are guaranteed to not damage your floor, but anyone who tells you differently is not telling the truth.

We sell floor marking tapes to hundreds of schools and other organizations for temporary floor marking and they are able to consistently use it over and over again without any floor damage. That is not a guarantee that would extend to any other floor.

The condition of your floor is what really matters. If your finish is sun damaged, water damaged, or otherwise in bad condition, almost any tape may pull up the finish. It is not a problem caused by the tape. Your floor was in bad shape before it was taped, and no tape will change that.

If you need a tape product for temporary floor marking, we always recommend that you try it first on an area of the floor where the damage won’t be obvious if there is a problem.

If there ever is a tape guaranteed to not damage wood floors, you’ll read bout it here first.

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