Gym Floor Tape Glossary

dictionaryLike lots of specialty products, gym floor tape has its own glossary.

Here are some of the terms you may encounter when discussing tape.

Kraft Paper-Smooth coated paper that is used for the backing of paper tape.  It is made from the pulp of softwood lumber, like pine trees.

Mil-1/1000th of an inch.  Tape is measured in mils.

Unwind-The way the amount of energy required to unroll tape is measured.

Synthetic Rubber Adhesive-Petroleum based adhesive, designed to remove cleanly and not leave residue.

Natural Rubber Adhesive-Adhesive made from natural rubber (latex).  Creates aggressive water-resistant bond, but may leave adhesive residue when removed.

Substrate-Cloth, paper or vinyl backing for tape, to which adhesive is laminated.

Resistance to Edge Tear-The ability of tape to resist tearing along its horizontal axis when pressure is applied to the side of tape.

Adhesion to Steel-The measurement of how “sticky” tape is.  This is measured in ounces per square inch of force that are needed to remove tape from a stainless steel plate.

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