No Cure If Your Floor’s Not Cured

No matter what tape you use for temporary gym floor marking, you are going to experience damage on removal if the finish on your floor is not properly cured.

We confidently recommend Shurtape 724 for temporary gym floor lines, but only on floors that are in good condition and properly cared for.

This means that no wood floor, whether finished with a water based finish or one that is oil based can be taped until the floor is fully cured. That means a lot more than just dry to the touch.

You should rely on whomever puts the finish on the floor to advise you when to consider the floor to be cured, based both on experience and on manufacturers’ recommendations.

Curing times can be impacted by temperature and humidity and vary greatly based on whether the finish is going over fresh, new wood or over a floor that has already had a prior finish.

There’s no cure for floor damage if you put tape on a floor before it is ready.

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