Gym Floor Tape Vs. Dance Floor Tape

DANCERS FEETWe got lots of calls from people taping temporary court lines on a wooden gym floor that want a more durable product than Shurtape 724 paper tape.

They specifically ask if they can use a product we call vinyl dance floor tape.  Unfortunately, the answer is “NO”!

While they are correct in assuming that the vinyl tape will hold up better than the paper when subjected to hard use, but the problems show up when it is time to remove the tape.

The vinyl tape uses a very aggressive natural rubber adhesive that is designed to hold strong to portable vinyl dance floors, known collectively as “Marley-type” floors.

Since those floors don’t have a finish or a grained surface like wood, the tape will come up clean, leaving no residue and causing no damage.  When someone attempts to remove this tape from a wooden gym floor it may well bring up some of the floor finish with the tape.

Paper gym floor tape uses synthetic rubber adhesive which is less aggressive and is designed for clean, no-damage removal.



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