Moving Heavy Things On Your Gym Floor? You’ll Need More Than A Tarp

Plywood for covering gym floor tapeWhen it’s time to move something heavy across your gym floor-risers, chair dollies, staging, etc.,  some people just lay out a tarp to keep casters and wheels from gouging the floor.  Usually, that is not enough to protect a quality hardwood floor.

You want to do more than just protect the finish.  You need to also make sure that you protect the integrity of the floor and its framing.

The best material for this is 3/4″ plyood.

Particle board may be less expensive and less prone to warpage, but it is much heavier and more prone to edges breaking off.

The structure of plywood-multiple wood layers held together with glue-allow the weight of whatever you are moving to be spread across a much larger area so that you don’t focus too much down force onto a single point on your floor.

Plywood on top of your tarp is the way to go when its time to move heavy things in the gym.


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