If You Want Your Gym Floor To Last, Get It On A Schedule

calendarFacilities that spend tens of thousands of dollars on quality gym floors know that only the discipline imposed by a strict calendar will insure that the floor lasts as long as it is intended.

Here are the primary considerations when you are establishing that schedule

Daily-Your floor should be dry mopped with an approved dust mop that has been treated to pick up dist and grit without allowing abrasive particles to scratch the finish.

Monthly-Clean your floor with a cleaner approved by whomever last re-finished your floor.  If this is a new floor, the installer can recommend a cleaner for you.

Once A Year-Remove the top finish and re-coat the floor with a new clear coat.  This looks like a big cost, but compared to the cost of replacing the floor or doing major repairs, the cost quickly seems reasonable.

Immediately-Clean up spills, remove scuff marks and remove foreign materials like tar or gum.


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