Tape Not Sticking Anymore? Maybe You’ve Got A Sweat Problem

VOLLEYBALL COURT LINESIt is the time of year when volleyball and basketball share the same court at lots of schools and that usually means that tape lines used for volleyball have to be removed and reapplied on a regular basis.

This increased use of the floor can create an almost invisible problem that may keep your floor tape from properly adhering.

That problem is dried sweat on the floor.

Dry mopping doesn’t really remove the sweat so much as it spreads it around and blots up some of what is on the surface.

Sweat contains body oils which are high in salt and protein. This can create a dulling film on the floor that can’t really be seen without close examination. The oils in sweat can react with the tape adhesive, causing it to lose its stickiness.

In order to get the floor really clean and remove the sweat you need to periodically wet mop the playing surface.

Use an approved (for your floor) mild cleaning solution and make sure that you get the floor completely dry.

The cleaner your floor the better tape will stick.


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